Why choose us?

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22 May 0   2

Since 1997 with passion and dedication we work leather with our hands, that passion that has taken us around the world, has made appreciate our products as they are and have remained after years of heavy use, because the durability of a product is what does not lie, style and design are key to creating tough, quality objects.


A quality product is a life partner, it represents you and satisfies you when it performs the task for which it is intended, it also has a double value because you can give it a second chance and resell it if you have to.


The signs of time will go to embellish the leather and will be like a book that tells about you, your adventures, that vintage patina will make you remember that time on that road... a personalized object tells others what you are made of!!


10 reasons to choose Wild Hog products:

1 REBELS: our objects are built to last over time in contrast to the current market logic.

2 EXTREME: we are fundamentalists of Made in Italy, even today there are companies that produce quality accessories!

3 INNOVATIVE: always on to design new objects and accessories suitable for the current times.

4 UNIQUE: our custom laboratory is specialized to meet the customer’s requests by creating unique pieces of great style.

5 INGENIOUS: the design is made in-house and developed in the field based on our twenty-year experience.

6 EXPERTS: since 1997 we produce leather accessories in our laboratory in Reggio Emilia.

7 COME TO MEET US: in our lair you can find the shop, the show room and the area reserved for the installations of our products so you can also have a good excuse to taste the delicacies of the territory... the caplèt.

8 ADVENTUROUS: if you pass by we have a lot of useful tips to enjoy the best of our territory. Discover hidden places and stay in structures secluded from the usual routes.

9 ECO FRIENDLY: our company has been recently renewed thanks to the project "Historical shops" of the Emilia Romagna region that helped us in the optimization of energy resources.

10 SINCERE: We say “poche balle” ("few lies") if you want to deal with sincere people who love what they do, we are here.